Chatpata Fish curry..

When I think of red colored fish curry that mom makes, I salivate on just the thought. Mmmm… I have it with Steam cakes(Puttu), Rice rotis(Pathiri), Chapathi, and of course with Rice. 🙂 Its such a fabulous dish. I never knew that Tapioca and Fish curry were a pair made in heaven until I went to…

Grilled on pan Al-Fahm chicken!!

Al-fahm chicken is one of hubby dear’s favorite. I tried to keep it real when I tried it at home. With of course few cooking changes. :)Here’s my Home-made-grilled-on-pan Al fahm!!   Ingredients:- Chicken breast fillets – cut into bite size pieces (500 g) Onion (white) – Diced – 1/2 cup Ginger-Garlic crushed – 2 Tbsp….